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ROiers offers specialized courses in managment, sales and maketing to individuals and Organizations. On individual front, our focus is on training Saudi nationals to help the Kingdoms Saudization drive so that more Saudis find jobs in marketing, sales and consultancy related fields and meet the expectations of the Organizations in which they are employed or likely to be employed. We have made commitment to Saudi labor office to help the nation achieve its targeted employment growth for its citizens. Our training inputs are given both in English and Arabic to male as well as female.
ROiers offers specific training for each sector of expanding industries. We provide training in Saudi Arabia both at our designated campuses as well as inside the Organization premises. Our incompany training courses are specially designed looking into training needs of every customer in sales, marketing and management fields. These include training workshops, practical and theory classes. With our presence in the country and in the region the corporate today need not send their employees for training abroad. This means managements can now get the best training for their staff in their own backyard at reasonable prices.
The traininig deliverables at ROiers include materials and Research. Questionnairs, Pre Courses, Briefing Forms, Design of Course, Delegtes Manuals, Delivery of Course, Course Feedback Report, Personal Development Planners, Tutor Feedback on each delegate. We present certificates that are valued in the international and regional market. We submit the comprehensive report to the employees and the management so that both of them are well apprised of what has been learnt during the training and future course to be adopted. We clearly outline how the weaknesses of individuals in sales, marketing and managements disciplines could be overcome.